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Analysis of a Pertinent Healthcare Issue


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National Healthcare Stressor.

There exist numerous healthcare problems or stressors in the US, which negatively influence healthcare organizations. These stressors require urgent attention as others pose to me more urgent as opposed to the rest. To complete this assignment, the medical problem chosen in this scenario is the development of healthcare expertise- practitioners and one most crucial pre-existing issue. These refer to nurses employed in healthcare facilities in this regard. Upskilling then remains the only approach towards retaining various representatives to gain more skills, which helps them practice efficiently in their respective fields. The latest research and developments, predominantly mechanical around and inside healthcare, have required laborers to say nurses have various skill sets that are up to date. Generally, Upskilling was identified as among the six essential healthcare stressors in 2019 by the PwC Health Research Institute. All healthcare workers currently receive threats from technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) attrition, not unless they are kept updated. (Pringle, 2017). This involved entire nurses who did not historically participate in delivering various services in the healthcare field.

The impact on my healthcare association of upskilling as a healthcare stressor is ambiguous. This is due to the developing healthcare innovations increasingly turning out to be obligatory, especially in diagnostics, nursing care, and therapeutics. On the other hand, nurses are increasingly finding themselves deficient in skills that can offer quality patient healthcare. This makes the association retain back certain assets, which can be used to develop and update nurses’ skills to allow them well equipped and quickly adapt to the ever-changing technologies within healthcare. Thus is always an unavoidable asset endeavor for the facility. For instance, my association and policymakers have required saving assets for nurses and other healthcare employees’ training on late presented HER. Upskilling is steadily going on within the healthcare sector with the latest standards prerequisite for Electronic Health Records (HER). Upskilling signs in healthcare is expected to be artificial intelligence (AI) aided telehealth intercessions.

Article Summaries

A recent article by Michaelis and colleagues argued that allergic illness’s health economic results are remarkable, portraying backhanded costs and direct healthcare (over the counter medications, decreased profitability, lost school and work time). There is also a well-identified impedance for personal satisfaction, which has few essential expenses that entail inconvenience, death, trouble, uneasiness, and incapacity. To help moderate the influences mentioned above, there is an impending need for an upskilling expert workforce at all levels and furnish individuals ready with an aptitude of becoming future professional mentors. Upskilling employees within the healthcare field from the grass-root focus on Nursing, Medical, and Allied Health Professionals via training to top specialist levels may have vital impacts on the patients and their families. In turn, this will lead to crisis use of clinical services while aid in increasing monetary profitability. Upskilling employees’ endeavors fall to the national and global associations that focus on providing direct effort lectureships, projects, and symposia in an allergy to professionals. Upskilling of the nursing staff from grassroots of undergrad focuses on preparing to levels of expertise that could substantially impact general, health, economy, patients, and their families and clinical aid. (Michaelis et al., 2019).

Another article by Truby, Gibson, and Adamski (2018) suggest that the absence of nourishment education and training, patients approaching an ever-developing group of sustenance as well as health data, time limitations especially during arrangements through utilizing social media and Internet platforms can be able to explain why healthcare professionals often portray to forget about nourishment guidance in the individuals’ healthcare plans. (Gibson & Truby, 2018). For healthcare professionals keeping up funds in information about improvements in various sustenance, orders are carrying out tests, expecting that patients should have anything than nourishment information is humorous. However, they need to face various inquiries as posed by patients and the limited time.

Upskilling is a mandatory need to stay updated on various advances within healthcare. In multiple healthcare associations, such circumstances can predict. They embrace the same approaches of retaining to upskill nurses, medical practitioners, and other healthcare staff to allow them to adapt to the increasing changes in technology while maintaining the provision of quality healthcare and the safety considerations of various patients presented to them.

Strategies in addressing the impact of Stressors.

Upskilling in healthcare facilities is inevitable, and therefore, it is prudent to devise approaches that aim to tend to the stressors’ organizational impacts. There exist three methods or approaches which are very useful. First, healthcare needs to start the gradual acquisition of essential new technologies, considering training and adjustments. Increasing healthcare employees’ training to use the news effectively and pre-existing technologies are being developed and improved globally. Training should consider these technological changes. The healthcare Staffs need to be equipped with relevant knowledge on how to operate the machines used to control healthcare, utilizing the shared data and enabling patients to improve the arrangement of a proficient but powerful healthcare provision. (Ebadi & Ameryoun, 2017). Secondly, it should be recognized, which emphasizes the objectives of the organization. An upskilling can exist at the extent of an association, a network of industry.

Finally, upskilling should be adequately planned, like other costs when it is to be successful. Upskilling should whatsoever never be considered as just hindsight. (Chaghari et al., 2017). The strategies mentioned above positively impact the organization as they are structured to provide a competitive advantage to the healthcare associations. Nonetheless, on the other hand, budgeting means that it can take up all the essential resources that are retained by the organization. (Safari, 2017).



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