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Module 10 final projec


Rasmussen College



NUR1055 Section BMT2 Introduction to Nursing


Camilla Peter Devie


June 14, 2020













The term of treatment and caring falls in line with professional identity, I think those

professional organization/association should set direct high standards for both

management, nurses and all staff caring for patient that will promote quality nursing care for all


and also show ethical value and respect for all as a whole for patients and their families including protection and maintain safe environment for both patients and staff members.


Beliefs of caring in nursing

I believe that caring and nursing work both hand in hand that nursing will not be nursing without the act of caring, at the same time, there will be no quality acts of caring and protection

for patient without nursing. Both intertwine. I look at caring to be a feeling that require an

action, showing concern, having compassion and empathy for others, and its also serve as a cure

and foundational value for all nursing. While nursing is taking charge of somebody personal

health in an environment to put the patient in the best condition on the road to recovery.

One of my beliefs right now is for all administrators, management and nurses to recognize that care is needed for every person as human beings’ experience affects health and wellbeing. directly.

Nurse should develop head, hand and good heart and good approach when providing human and sensitives care for patents because every patient needs to see a nurse with caring attitudes.

Nurses should empathize with patients, provide kind and considerate treatment at all time because a caring nurse can cause patients to not be scare.


Beliefs, Values, Motives and Experiences


All these elements which make up part of the beliefs, values, motives and experiences should be taking care of in two ways. The first is that these elements would have to be managing the right value and quality which is related to the long-term management of the effective means of engaging the quality of the work services. I think this call for the creation of the right kind of

working environment where in the long-term management of the work systems would be manage

and handled well in the interest of all.

This will reflect on a basic concept of treating others as value human beings, which will provide

trust both management, nurses and patients in a respectful manner, with dignity and love for all.

This will also show trust for all party involve, mainly for nurses, all form of issues patients will face will fall on than and they should be able to handle it to the best of their ability with a caring attitude.

The thoughts and action of nurses will be controlled by the desire to do things in a way that

would be acceptable for themselves, their partners, their families and their friends.

Nurses will need to consider how best to develop their ability to walk in anthers shoes, they need

to ensure that everyone who works with vulnerable sick people has an attitude that enables them to empathize, listen to and learn from another’s experiences.

All these aspect and values will line up with the ideas and norms of long-term care of the

Patients which will be useful for the purpose to allow the detailed work systems.


Two Professional Organization


Two professional organization or association I plan to be involve with during my nursing career will be American Nurses Association and Minnesota Nurses Association.


These Associations promote the rights of nurses in work place and set a code of ethics for nurses,

asserts the value and commitment to excellence for patients, society and nurse’s individual and collectively as a profession,

ANA sets the guidelines for nurses to follow. The nurse has authority, accountability, and responsibility for nursing practice: makes decisions; and takes action consistent with the

obligation to promote health and to provide optimal care. Nurses practice are supposed to show compassion and respect for inherent dignity, worth and unique attributes of every person. Nurses

also have the same duties to themselves as to others, including the responsibility to promote health and safety, preserve wholeness of character and integrity, maintain competence, and

continue personal and professional growth. The nurse collaborates with other health

professionals and the public to protect human rights, promote health diplomacy, and reduce

health disparities. The profession of nursing, collectively through its professional organizations,

must adhere to nursing values, maintain the integrity of the profession, and integrate principles of social justice into nursing and health policy.





In conclusion, the term of treatment and caring fall in line with professional identity,

Those professional organization and association should set direct high standard for both management, nurses and all staff for all patients to receive quality care on a equal basic.

Caring is equal to nursing and both are intertwining that nursing would not be nursing without caring and we ca not care without nursing.

Caring is the foundational values for nursing.























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