Title: Product: BioForge,Manufacturer: Biotivia, Category: Testosterone BoostersWord count : 3000IMPORTANTBefore you start reading my requirements, I would ask you to understand thatthey are very important to us. Please pay attention to the requirements andaccept the article order ONLY if you really do understand what is required.Please don’t take this offer if you don’t think to follow the instructions.That way you will save your time and ours as well. We reply to personalmessages rarely as we believe that the instructions are very detailed and clearenough. If you think you cannot do the article, it is a challenge for you,kindly pass it to someone else. This job is only for writers having substantialexperience.1. GENERALa) Our site is reviewing supplements mainly for bodybuilding, fitness andsports performance purposes. The idea is of the independent professionalreviews is to build authority to the site and trust in the eyes of the reader.The goal is to make the reader to purchase the right product for him whilemaking an educated choice. Our content shouldn’t look like an advertorial one,so don’t use such language.b) We are targeting males who want to build more muscles, achieve betterfitness and bodybuilding results and improve their sports performance. We donot target people with health issues or sex issues, so speaking of medicalconditions and sex, sexual performance, sexual stamina, sperm production,libido, viagra, penis enlargement, erectile dysfunction and more serious healthconditions like cancers, HIV, AIDS or any references to them, is strictlyforbidden. Even if there are see such topics on the official sites of theproducts or the way they were advertised, the writer shouldn’t write aboutthem. The writer should review all the products from a bodybuilding and fitnessstand point of view – increasing muscle mass, achieving a lean muscular body,improving stamina, performance, endurance, better self-esteem etc.c) In each title there is a product category. The writer should focus on theexact product category and avoid all general language regarding other type ofdietary supplements. Failing to focus on the specific product category andusing general facts about dietary supplements in general is something which wewon’t permit for these articles. This is why the writer should be familiar orunderstand facts about the product category before starting to write about theproduct.2. SUBHEADINGSa) The writer should use exactly the same subheadings as the ones below withoutadding, changing or tweaking any of them, including their capitalization.'[Product]’ should be replaced with the name of the product reviewed.The symbol ‘*’ shouldn’t be used in the articles. The subheadingsshould be identical to the following ones:What Is [Product]?Manufacturer *1How [Product] Works?Ingredients of [Product]AdvantagesCertificatesTestimonials *2Awards & Media Coverage *3Money-back GuaranteeShippingCustomer SupportSafe & Secure Checkout *4Pricing *5*1 The format syntax is showing that the writer shouldn’t put the name of themanufacturer in the title. The writer should know the name of the manufacturerfor the text in the section. This information is often put online and can befound by using Google, it can be mentioned in the footer or in some of theterms, policy or contact pages. In most cases, if the product is providing afree trial program and if there is no information who the manufacturer is, itmeans that the company making the product is using the same name as theproduct.*2 The writer can create such.*3 Many times the logos of other companies or media are clear indication theproduct was featured somewhere. If there is no information available anywhereand there are no such logos on the merchant’s website, the writer can explainthe situation by adding some generic content suitable for there, withoutfabricating facts.*4 Always explain that the checkout is safe and secure. Check for SSLcertificates, encryptions, safety logos etc.*5 Use the title ‘Pricing & Free Trial’ if there are is a freetrial available. For some of the free trial offers the prices are not availableon the homepage. This information can be obtained by the the Terms of Use orother policy pages for the free trial offers or after entering randominformation on the order form and clicking on the action button. If the productis featured at, the author needs to get the prices from therewithout mentioning the website.b) The writer should place related text under each of the subheadings, our teamwill specifically look for that and it will check if some text is not belongingto its subheading.c) One sections shouldn’t be artificially expanded at the expense of someother. There should be a minimum of 9 sentences for each section without doinganything tricky like using short sentences.3. GUIDANCEa) Use information to write the articles from the official website/s, forums,other reviews, videos etc. Do not rewrite or copy other people’s content. Someof the product websites are only available for US citizens. If you are not, youcan use this free Chrome extension to browse trough a US VPN - The article is a professional review, not a personal review or a customerreview. The text shouldn’t be a first-person narrative and shouldn’t present meor the team as customers.c) Reviews should not look biased or like a commercial, which means you canmention some cons based on factual information. The reviews should look real,neutral and trustworthy. As we do have more than several hundred reviews, weare not seeking any of them to be ‘the best’.d) Mentioning the place where the products can be purchased is STRICTLYFORBIDDEN! It means no URLs in the article or mentioning of places like Amazon,GNC or their official websites. Sometimes, the support email addresses canreveal the official website URLs too, so they shouldn’t be mentioned.e) The writer shouldn’t insert any generic information in these articles. Thewriter should focus on the particular product only as we don’t need any generalinformation there, it is useless for us in these reviews.f) We don’t need introductions with generic information. We don’t need anyintroductions about the topics in these articles. The writer should start thetext by reviewing the product and shouldn’t place any introductions.g) We don’t need shorter articles, by applying for these articles, you agree tothe conditions, including their length.h) Dietary, food and sports nutrition supplements containing naturalingredients are legal by default and because they are not drugs andmedications, they do not require any approval from the FDA.4. FORMATTING & GRAMMARa) Each paragraph should contain between 3 and 5 sentences. Please, make surethat all paragraphs appear proportionate to one another.b) If appropriate, use bullet points and lists. Use them at a reasonableamount, the way they are used in an ordinary news website or magazine withoutstuffing them excessively. Don’t do anything that will make the article looklike a data sheet.c) Every brand name and ingredient should start each of its words with acapital letter, example – ‘Tribulus Terrestris’.d) The writers should use the brand name naturally trough all the articlewithout excessive repetition. The product name should be mentioned around 20times.e) The words ‘bodybuilding’ and ‘bodybuilder’ should bewritten without any spaces. This is one very common mistake.f) The writer shouldn’t change or tweak the product’s name or the name of themanufacturer by adding or removing spaces, changing capitalization orshortening or extending the names. The names of the products and themanufacturer should be 100% identical to the ones provided in the titles. If anabbreviation was used in the title, the writer could mention what it means inthe article, but the variant from the title should be used in general.g) Adding comments or filler content in the articles is strictly forbidden. Thearticle should look like it is ready for publishing or print.5. ‘SUMMARY’, ‘PROS’ & ‘CONS’a) After finishing the article, we need three paragraphs that will be usedoutside the article so they should summarize and be completely useful to thereader without the article itself. They are ‘SUMMARY’,’PROS’, ‘CONS’. They should be treated like the article isnot existing. The writer should write them like they are not part of thearticle, they will be used on another place, without the article.b) The writer should not put any exclusive information in them, because thereader will not see these three paragraphs when reading the article andvice-versa. These paragraphs should summarize what is in the article.c) The writer should use the paragraph names ‘SUMMARY’,’PROS’, ‘CONS’ as subheadings, so our team can more easilysee them and divide them from the submitted text after that.d) ‘SUMMARY’ should be a paragraph of 3-5 sentences.e) ‘PROS’ & ‘CONS’ should contain 3-4 full sentenceseach. Every sentence should starting with a bullet point symbol and should notcontain information regarding the pricing.7. THE INSTRUCTIONSHere is how we know if you did not pay attention to our instructions. Start thearticle with the word ‘TIGER’ in the beginning. You shouldn’t createany sentence with it. This is how we know that you’ve read them all.Good luck! Report Briefing


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