Assignment: Write an essay from four to six pages in length, that addresses the topic below. Use a minimum of three credible sources to support your argument.Student Learning ObjectivesDevise creative solutions to a problemEvaluate a range of possible solutionsLearn about contemporary problemsEngage in reasoned argumentConvince readers of a problem’s significance before proposing actionsDefine a problem concisely and effectivelyAnalyze audiences to anticipate likely questions and alternative, preferred solutionsRefute, accommodate, or acknowledge possible objections to the proposed solutionTopic:Write an essay proposing a solution to a well-defined problem faced by a community or group to which you may belong. Alternatively, you may address a well-defined problem faced by one of the districts or communities in The Hunger Games. Address your proposal to your audience: one or more members of the group, its leadership, or to outsiders who may be able to contribute to solving the problem.Submission Requirements:Your MLA formatted header and headingYour clever titleYour clever introductionWhere you have defined and explained the problemYour thesis (this is your abbreviated solution)Your clearly described solution: your plan for implementationYour convincing argument in support of the proposed solutionWhere you have Indicated and responded to Readers’ Objections and QuestionsWhere you have evaluated alternative solutionsWhere you have carefully integrated sources and cited them.Where you have cited summarized material.Your conclusionYour MLA formatted Works Cited pageTo attach a comment to a highlight, you start by making a highlight in a file.Scroll to the part of the file where you want to make your highlight. Click in the margin (or on the text you want to highlight), and drag the cursor to expand the comment box.Click on the A in the comment box on the left side to type in your comment or question.Click “Post to Highlight”Make sure to use just one color (whichever you prefer), so I can comment in a different color.You can also leave voice comments, but please use the written comment feature to identify the sections of your essay. You may leave me a voice comment if you have other comments or questions. Format Requirement: MLA-style formatting and citationsLength: Your finished text should be between four and six pages, excluding the Works Cited page.Research Requirements: Works Cited PageA Works Cited page names all of the sources that were used in an essay or research paper; it credits the source or sources for the information you present, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize to support your thesis. A Works Cited page also serves as a reference to the sources that were used so that a reader or writer can quickly refer to the original text.The Works Cited page for this research project must contain at least three entries using the library database. If you wish to use alternative sources, you must clear them with me.Basic Features of a Problem/Solution Essay A Well-Defined ProblemDefining your problem for your readers requires you to do the following:- establish a context for the problem (historical/current) – specifically define the problem – explain how it works (i.e. that it exists) – describe the problem’s importance (i.e. that it needs solving) – use key words to label the problemA clearly described solution and a convincing argument in support of the proposed solution require you to do the following:- establish the target audience for your solution – explain how the solution will work – show the extent of its impact (benefits) – show that it is feasibleAn anticipation of readers’ objections and questions requires you to do the following:-answer readers’ questions to your solution – acknowledge readers’ objections – concede your solution’s shortcomingsAn evaluation of alternative solutions requires you to do the following:- acknowledge alternate solutions – refute most – concede the alternative’s advantages – work the alternative’s advantages into your solutionConclude by:- summarizing your solution – reminding readers of its advantages – calling readers to action by reminding them of benefits and noting the consequences of inactionHints: – present the opposing ideas in an unbiased way, at least initiallybe sure to establish your ethos and use emotional appeals where appropriatebe sure to use appropriate rhetorical strategies to help convince your audience of your solution. – use transitions to guide the reader through the stages and contrasts in the essayPlease check the problem i came up with (Post #21)I will need to get an A!!!


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