a) Introduction (10% of the word count, approx. 200 words) • Briefly introduce and explain the concept of anxiety. • Outline the two explanations of anxiety that your essay will focus on and present an overview of the overall structure of the essay, i.e., what you intend to do within each section of the essay […]


Part A: Essay Write a 2000-word essay on the following topic: Discuss two psychological explanations of anxiety. There are a variety of different explanations of anxiety, covering all the different approaches to psychology. For example, anxiety may be explained from a biological perspective, a behaviorist perspective, a cognitive perspective, or a psychodynamic perspective (any other […]

Information Literacy

Write a typed, double-spaced, critical essay of at least 5 pages in length in which you develop “Information Literacy,” which is the ability to be able to gather and apply research into empirically sound information. Critical Thinking and Information Literacy is demonstrating, through written communications, that you can Evaluate, Analyze and Synthesize the information you […]

Carol shoots her father Carl with malice aforethought

Criminal Law, University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing edition, 2015 Discussion Topic: Carol shoots her father Carl with malice aforethought. He thereafter lingers in a coma for two months and then dies. Carol is in a jurisdiction that recognizes merger for attempt and that also requires a victim to die within one year and a day […]

Identifying STEM Concepts Across Content Areas

1. What content areas were easiest to pair up with STEM standards? Which content areas were more difficult? Why do you think this is the case? Provide an example demonstrating the pair up of content areas and STEM standards. 2. Why is it important to create or use a theme when preparing for interdisciplinary instruction? […]

Technology In STEM: Opportunities And Challenges

1. How can technology be misused, overused, and underused in a classroom in relation to rigor and challenge? 2.  After researching various technologies for the assignment in this topic, which single technology do you see yourself implementing in your classroom? What steps do you need to do now so that you are prepared to implement […]

Integrating Engineering Concepts And Principles

1. Identify three resources (print, Internet, colleagues, etc.) and provide a rationale as to how they could help you implement engineering standards into lessons. 2. Why do you think engineering standards are often omitted from STEM learning? What can be done in order to address this issue?   ******CLICK ORDER NOW BELOW TO GET THE […]